The Complete Book

(All Intellectual Outputs)


New Mindset for High-Quality Baukultur: Bridging Craft and Digital

This book contains all project results of the Erasmus+ project “New mindset for high-quality European Baukultur: bridging digital and craft”, in short BuildDigiCraft. The project was realized between 2019-2022 as an Erasmus+ strategic partnership between eight universities from the Baltic Sea Region.

BuildDigiCraft explores the interrelation of the new digital tools, the traditional building craft techniques, the current design practice and the values behind the process of shaping the built environment. Its main research question is: “How do we shape the future built environment in a world of growing digitalization and professional specialization?”

The book contains the following chapters: 

1. Introduction; 

2. Chapters: 

      2.1. Training program; 

      2.2. Glossary; 

      2.3. Process; 

      2.4. Knowledge; 

      2.5. Material; 

3. Manifesto; 

4. Catalog of Video Lectures; 

5. Full List of Participants