Metaverse Gallery

Entering The Metaverse

In a digital age, where knowledge and design are digital and even construction involve hybrid digital-physical practices, the BuildDigiCraft project approaches the representation of its participant’s works through a digital collaborative space. This Metaverse Gallery is a porthole through which a curation of works can be viewed in an immersive and social space. Once entered you will find yourself selecting and avatar, important in any metaverse and then adjusting to navigation. This is achieved through the ‘w,a,s’ and ’d’ keys for basic movement 

and the mouse movement for direction control. From there, a Bauhaus-style galley can be enjoyed with an exhibition of written, visual and video works available to digest at ones leisure. 

Please Note: some browsers support the Metaverse better than others, if you cannot access The Metaverse in the window below, please try a different browser. Tested with Safari an Edge.