Training Program

(Intellectual Output 6)

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Course

This intellectual output offers the guidelines to an interdisciplinary teaching and training module for doctoral and advanced Master´s level studies, which was developed within the BuildDigiCraft project. The aim of the training program is to help introduce a new mindset for high-quality European Baukultur by bridging digital and craft.

The BuildDigiCraft training program was implemented as a one-year online training program which consisted of four consecutive five-day long intensive training courses – called “Intensive Study Programs” (ISPs). Each of these four ISPs was dedicated to a specific topic, which in turn reflected a certain aspect to be explored within the BuildDigiCraft project.
        • ISP1 Concepts and Fundamentals
        • ISP2 Digital Futures
        • ISP3 Craft and Craftsmanship
        • ISP4 Rethinking Baukultur in the Digital Age